Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chamois?
The "Chamois" originally referred to the skin of a certain variety of antelope, but over the years came also to refer to products of split sheepskin. The term "Chamois" was defined by the Federal Trade commission in Advisory Opinion Digest No. 1. Additionally, the Sponge & Chamois Institute codified the industry standard in "Chamois Standard CS99-1970."
How can I tell if it is a real Chamois?
See Chamois Leather Genuine or Counterfeit?
What is FTC Advisory Opinion No. 1?
See FTC Advisory Opinion No.1
What is Chamois Standard CS99 - 1970?
See Chamois Standard CS99 - 1970
Are there other laws or regulations regarding Chamois?
There are a variety of court decisions directly addressing what is a chamois. In addition, civil claims are available pursuant to Section 43(a) of the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. 1125(a)). Complaints may also be filed with the Federal Trade Commission, and the U.S. Council of Better Business Bureaus.
What is a Sponge?
  1. Any of numerous aquatic, chiefly marine invertebrate animals of the phylum Porifera, characteristically having a porous skeleton composed of fibrous material or siliceous or calcareous spicules and often forming irregularly shaped colonies attached to an underwater surface.
  2. The light, fibrous, flexible, absorbent skeleton of certain of these organisms, used for bathing, cleaning, and other purposes.